Friday, January 1, 2016

Amateur Radio: The Radio Frontier.

Amateur Radio: The Radio Frontier.
These are the Voyages of the Amateur Radio Operator .
Their ten year license:
To explore Strange new bands,
To Seek out new qso's and new Hamfests,
To Boldly transmit where no ham has transmitted before...

How to get your free Amateur Radio License. 

Step 1: get the questions and answers pool downloaded from the National Conference of Volunteer Examiner Coordinators: ap?id=338 
Amateur audio  files with only correct answers for tech test:  free...
one is a zip file that has all the wave files. It is still a bit 1.3 gig
so I may trans-code to mp3 format at some date......?
by downloading you agree not to copy for the intent to sell, or link to as for sale.
all rights reserved. ak4oo
 tech audio at
Just put your player in a loop before you go to bed at night..
 and listen in the shower in the morning....on the way to and from work ...

Step 2: study the questions and answers.
Heres a Free study guide: 
Step 3 :Take sample test at
this is also the look up data base that most amateur's use.

Step 4. take another sample test and gather more resources. (add more randomness to question pool)

Step 5: find a free test: location :

OR pay 15$ or less and find many more locations.

step 6: take the test ,,,pass with flying colors..woot woot...
check the FCC. data base and see if your good just enter your name and find out your call sign:

you can now transmit in your given privileges.

You can also contact your local radio club and ask them to show you around their radio room or club house , go to a local ham fest.

Congratulations, you are now a ham.
Your voyage has just begun.
73... (best regards).

some thing every ham need: but May not be required for the test.
a band chart: Chart/Hambands_color.pdf

phonetic alphabet

learn some q codes: the lingo : maybe some code as well?

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ham Radio University 2016

Ham Radio University 2016 

 6:22 min of video for the hardcore hams.
(note:video is long and has some dead air)

first 45 MIN.            Yaesu fusion digital radios: 
45min- 1:40min       Dmr radios.
1:49-     2:43            SDR software defined radios.   
2:51-     3:50            Reflections on Amateur radio
4:22-     5:14            getting Your first HF station up and running.
5:15      6:22            Basics of HF operation.

Other Ham Radio University videos.
antique radios.

Working Satellites With Your HT